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Are you tired of yelling and getting no result?

Are you tired of regretting your decisions with your kids?

Are you at the end of your knowledge of how to entertain a four-year-old?

I've got you.

12 Modules

Take the building blocks you already have, order them so they make sense, add some more plus skills to practice. Build the foundational understanding and skills to create lasting connection and calm in your heart and home.

14 Coaching Calls

Personalize support as you integrate new ideas into your life. Coaching sessions focus on you, beautiful human, your questions, triggers, and struggles with yourself and the beautiful humans in your life. helping you move forward in your parenting journey.

Video Content

Lifetime access to expert educational video content explaining each module, giving voice to ideas and fleshing them out with examples. Video content is accessible with transcripts as well for those who prefer reading.


A hearty, in-depth workbook accompanies each module, explaining concepts and illucidating with plentiful examples. Space for personal reflection, growth and documenting your parenting journey.

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