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Conscious Parenting Coach & Confetti Cannon


As an early childhood librarian for over 15 years, I honed storytelling skills, my love of children, and a growing interest in child development. After years of erroneously believing I controlled the learning happening in my library space, I learned how to actually listen to young children, and listening changed everything. 

Letting go of my fear-based desire to control everything children did and thought and were while under my care enabled me to witness the beauty of their beings emerge in a way previously unfathomable to me. I consciously made space for co-creation with children, both in our environment and in our time. Their creativity and depth of understanding was evident through their complex play and experimentation with materials.  My own creativity and confidence was informed by theirs as I followed their lead through innovative problem-solving and inspired creation. 


Children brought their complicated feelings around life events--a grandmother dying, a friend moving away, and dealing with Covid-19 restrictions.  They also brought the tumbleweeds of exposure to a swath of media content, some of which was child-friendly and much of which was less so.


My awakening to the beauty of early childhood led me to link arms with crusaders endeavoring to bring more child-centered, play-based mindsets and practices to schools and homes. Concurrently, I recognized the void in the children’s entertainment market of slow-paced, heartful guidance for helping children make sense of their emotions, relationships, and the world. I embarked on the development of a media company devoted to supporting the social and emotional well-being of young children ages 2-10--and The Kindness Machine powered up! 

Looking for ways to further support grownups as they navigate parenthood, I completed the parent coaching certificate program through Jai Institute for Parenting. My work with parents focuses on science-based education (neuroscience, attachment science, emotional intelligence) to help them connect with themselves so they can show up in inner security as a safe place for their children.


The Kindness Machine supports parents, educators, and young children by modeling emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and play-based learning practices that honor the child.

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